The First Brew – Pilsner

This is the first of many attempts to brew a decent Gluten Free beer.

I should warn anyone who is thinking of trying anything i do on this page.


Now that I have the disclaimer out of the way I am going to walk you through my first attempt at brewing a GF beer. I have decided to start with a Pilsner and have taken a recipe from a book by Sara McGrath.


Equipment  and ingredients I bought to get me started in the image above include.

15l plastic brew tub with tap and airlock

15l stainless steel stock pot

Crown capper and caps

Syphon tube, muslin bags, stick on thermometers, sterilizer


Brewing sugar for bottling

White Sorghum Syrup, Hallertauer Hops, Crystal hops, Candi sugar, Pilsener yeast, rice syrup

Being in the UK, the Sorghum Syrup was not as easy to find and was more expensive than i would have liked so going forward I will look at alternatives.

Step 1

Sterilize equipment.

Step 2.

Bring to the boil 7l of water in the stockpot.

Then weigh out 15g Hallertauer hops, 7.5g Hallertarurhops and 10g Crystal hops and tie them into muslin bags.



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